Hackney WFC First 3 – Islington Borough Ladies 1

Captains Log – Star Date 30th September 2012

So we are still top of the league…I’ll never get bored of this!

Today was a good day, we had diff people in new positions, but because we train and work towards the same principals it didn’t effect our performance! Lots of unselfish hard work today.

We knew it would be a tough game, let’s face it they turned us over twice last season, well BOOM have that, look how we have moved on and they have stood still…

Again, lots of good talking on the pitch and handing players on, these are good signs and we must continue to do this for the rest of the season!

We dug in at some stages today when we needed to, rather than playing our smooth football, again this is how champions win leagues so well done ladies!

Don’t get me wrong we played some excellent football today, really good passing! We still, however, put ourselves under pressure unnecessarily, with some perhaps silly choices of pass…You know sometimes, it’s ok to kick the ball out or long rather than play a dangerous/hospital ball to a teammate who then has no options…I know I committed this sin today…sorry!

I think what concerned me today was when they scored, heads appeared to go down, don’t ever put your head down, we get the ball, we lift our chins and puff out our chests and say “yeah you can have that…but no more” AND we then attack…we are a team and we all take responsibility for not letting them pass, from centre forward to goalkeeper…And we are all doing well at this this season, so take strength from your teammates, of course be disappointed to have let them cross our line but grow in strength knowing we are all pissed at it and we will score more than them!!!

I ache like chuff tonight, and I’m sure the rest of you do…You all battled well today some awesome tackles!

Think what I said at halftime about them trying to play over our back 4 and through it…Well they messed their own tactics up today, by having their centre forward drop back to get the ball in the 2nd half…Why did try do this? Because they couldn’t deal with us… our threat going forward, we won the midfield battles and the battles up front and of course with, again, a sold back 4 and a good, brave, skilled keeper…we are a hard team to beat hence them changing tactics…FAIL

This is our fourth league game, we are moving in the right direction, playing good stuff BUT most importantly we are playing well as a team and have good team and self-discipline! So thank you all!

Today also proved how much depth we have in our squad as nobodies place is a given!!

The season is still young, but right now this is a good start lets keep moving forward.

Awesome game ladies and awesome times!

And yes BOOM we are, still, TOP OF THE LEAGUE…Get some!



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