Hackney WFC First 1 – Ashford Town (Middx) 2

Captain’s Log – Star date 7th October 2012


So today we tasted our first defeat and I would like to say our last defeat…

Today, for me, two outstanding performances were had and so I will start with these…

Sox, today in my opinion was the best game I have EVER seen you play! I think you probably covered every blade of grass, I lost count of the “good” tackles you made, your distribution was good, off the ball movement…in fact your saving tackle in our box…immense and you ran 40 yards to make that tackle – thank you!

Becs, again today you proved you are an absolute team player, who just does not give in, ever! They tried to outpace you, they tried to play round you and they failed, I can’t think of a time you missed a tackle, so well done you! Your tireless runs down the right wing in the second half were immense and the opposition were genuinely scared of you! – thank you!

Now team, I asked at half time for you to show your character, although we were 2-0 down they were not the better team! Some of the football we played today was the BEST we have played all season and we must take all the positives from this that we can. The confidence when we play, and play well is just great…but think this, just always have self-confidence and self-belief, because we all do in you…

We worked even harder in the second half and there was some awesome selfless play going on, this can be easily over looked! Kat the crunching, winning, tackles, Ceri the endless running and your improved distribution, Helen commanding the back 4 again! I could go on and just because I haven’t mentioned you, do NOT think that your contribution has not been noticed! We showed great team character!

Today’s game is also a lesson to learn, there were some awful, truly awful, decisions taken by the ref today, BUT however frustrating these are, we have to rise above it. It wasn’t our day today, there will be games in your careers like this that you just cannot explain really… WE ARE A GOOD FOOTBALLING TEAM – FACT, look at our goal, we sliced through them, and yes it was a great finish!

So although disappointing, we are still top of the league, and just have this little thought running through your head as you contemplate today’s game! “Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.”



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