Hackney WFC First 3 – Colne Valley 5

Captain’s Log – Star Date 18th November 2012

Where to start, where to start…

Although we lost 5-3 I think in the second half we returned to the side that we were at the start of the season, we showed character and this is good!

Yes, of course it is disappointing to lose, but by losing we learn, for example Helen quite rightly adjusted the back line in the second half and we were stronger at the back.

One thing I have learnt over the last two games is that personally, I think we are predictable with our game play and so perhaps we need to mix it up a little? One memory of today’s game is Ren constantly saying “switch, switch” and so perhaps this suggests that we favour our right side, just something to think about, of course it is always easier for us to look to the right because we are all predominantly right footed.

We were stronger in the second half, we played some really good football, but what I really enjoyed… was the fight was back in our game, we stepped it up and look what happened, and so I thank you for this!

The pitch was what I would call “sticky” and so it would have drained your body more than the pitches have in the last few weeks, there was some good movement off the ball, but this we need to do more. The pitches are going to be like this for the next month or so, so we need to think about playing percentages. I’m not sure everyone will understand what I mean by this and so, if I am about to make you suck an egg I apologise BUT it boils down to good communication between ourselves and running for each other, so for example, instead of Ren chasing up and down that left wing she holds and one of the forwards steps in, this gives her a breather and we don’t lose shape in the core of our team. Yes we may lose a little upfront but I think we can afford to do this, as we need to sure our ship up. Also, instead of trying to play that brilliant 20-30 yard pass, knock it 5 yards to make a certain pass, this way we keep possession and we keep building towards the opposition’s goal and they have to chase us.

Colne Valley were not a better side than us today, they did finish well, and what they did do was play to their strengths, which was the big centre forward, what we needed to do was stop the supply, and we did this really well for the first 25 minutes of the second half got it back to 3-2, then they had one attack and scored again, our heads dropped a little, BUT still we played well and cut the supply off again, again they scored, now this was probably because we were pushing forward because we all genuinely believed we could recover the game and win, I really did believe this, we won the second half… I think the score flattered them.

We discussed training after the game, here are my thoughts, I think that both the Managers and I (although predominantly them) have to step up to discuss with the coach what we would like to focus on each week. If you have something you would like to focus on please let Helen or Kat know by end of play Tuesday, please also bear in mind though, that what you may want to work on, may not be beneficial to the team so no throwing any strops if you don’t get your way!!!

However, I also stand by what I said after the game, individuals such as myself need to put more in. As I said, we have players like Becs who sorts out the warm up, was this her job at the start of the season, no it wasn’t but she has stepped up to the mark, we need to respect this and all join in, and put it in! Training STARTS at 7.30pm sharp, if the Managers aren’t there or perhaps Becs isn’t there, take yourself off for a run round the pitch to warm up, so that when the fitness beasting comes for that first half an hour, you are already slightly warm. NOW, it’s a fact that I can be easily distracted, and from now on my promise to my team mates is that when I am at training I will be focused, this is not to say I will not have fun, but it has been incredibly selfish of me not to train hard!

So, where do we go from here, we move forward as a team, we learn, we review and we move on. That’s our challenge going into next week’s game.


P.S. has anyone else had the same thought as I, the blue kit, is it a Jonah? 🙂


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