Hackney WFC First 1 – Hampton & Richmond Borough 1

Captain’s Log – Star Date 2nd December 2012


Where to start, where to start… today was a GOOD day!

For those that don’t know, we only had 11 players today…and then Alice decided, after about 30 minutes, that she really didn’t want to take part in the game any more and so screwed her hamstring I believe and then we were 10 on the pitch…but chuff me Alice was still the 11th player with her undying encouragement from the side line (and put downs of the Hampton’s Manager).

So we all, and I love this, every single one of us, stood up and was counted, everybody gave so much it was simply a massive team performance.

Now, we did, in fact out play them, our passing was exceptional in certain parts of the game, and good in others, as we discussed at half time and indeed after the game, our final ball let us down…but c’mon ladies we know that this is something we can work on and address really easily, diagonal balls through the oppositions back 4 to the forwards, ball from the back 4 to the midfield etc etc etc

The first half rocked, they didn’t really get anywhere near us apart from when, and yes I know Cynth, I know you have spoken to me about this at great length but there really isn’t anything I can do about Helen’s fat arse and if she wants to assist the opposition what can I do…1-0 to Hampton & Richmond.

Second half started, and again bearing in mind we only had 10 on the pitch, we outplayed them, our passing was good, but the amount of pitch that everyone was covering was brilliant, I am sure there are many stiff legs tonight! How the opposition’s goalie got to my header, from an absolutely superb cross from Amo, is beyond me, especially because of her build! We continued to press for that equaliser, it just didn’t seem like it was going to happen.

The Managers’ then took the decision to change the 1 4 4 1 formation, to a 1 3 4 2… attacking or what, we wanted that goal, we really wanted that goal! Helen commanded the back line, and they continued to play the ball across the 3 of them with so much self-belief and composure it just oooooozed through the rest of us!

Holly, made so many runs forward, I lost count, they were generally scared of us, we chased, we fought and won nearly every tackle, we kept the ball really well…we then fell a little into panic mode and the hot potato football started, because that blooming goal didn’t want to appear! I found myself wondering how we were going score past the keeper and bulge the back of her net. The fact was, we were going to need something special (and I genuinely thought that my header was it and I had messed it up!)…Step forward Ceri, she found herself in the Centre Forward position (I was surprised to!) Amo had gone out to the right wing “stay here Ceri” I said, well then it happened, from out of nowhere…I absolutely mean this “I have never seen you hit a ball so sweetly and it hit the back of the net, sorry made the back of the net bulge!” – it was, indeed, something special.

Well Ceri’s goal just inspired us more, and we went looking for the winner in true Hackney style…Amo, despite taking nearly every step with cramp smashing through her calf muscle, continued to run and chase and fight for our cause. Our midfield just ruled theirs, and I invite anyone to disagree with that. We rocked! Although your aching bodies probably won’t agree with this next bit, I just didn’t want the game to finish because I knew they were there for the taking. Oh yes, I know, I missed a sitter.

The game, did end, and bearing in mind we drew 1-1, we played so very well, as for Hampton they were really pleased with the draw, we were disappointed we didn’t win – that’s the difference we are winners and I love the fact we are disappointed we didn’t take 3 points!

The spirit was good on the pitch and off of it HOWEVER can I just say that I too haven’t been voted player of the match for a little while and so like Helen, now that I have voiced this publically can everyone vote for me – yes Helen we have busted you BIG TIME

Next week we play Garston at home, we have beaten them already this season, in their backyard, first game of the season 3-0 – if we play like we did today – easily it will be another win for us.

Today, Ladies, I thank you for today’s performance. I hope we haven’t picked up too many bad knocks or strains or age related aches (Dude, that’s aimed at you, you 98 year old, old woman!).

Big smiles Ladies, big smiles.



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