Hackney WFC First 4 – Garston 2

Captain’s Log – Star Date 9th December 2012

Ladies, we won 4-2!

So, what wonderful insight do I have for today’s game?

Again, we played good football, we kept possession well, HOWEVER, I noticed today that sometimes when we keep possession we sometimes play ourselves into dangerous/hospital passes which then puts us automatically under pressure! DO NOT EVER be afraid, if there is nothing else on of just giving the ball a good, old-fashioned hoof, as a team this sometimes is far better than giving your team mate a “hospital” ball!

So I think today, for 75 minutes of the game we absolutely controlled it, albeit we didn’t perhaps punish the opposition for the amount of possession we had! We had a mad 15 minutes in the second half when we let them back into the game, there is always going to periods of the game when the opposition come strong at us, its how we deal with that, that separates us from the other teams! NOW, what I think we need to do as a team to combat this, is… work harder, if that means, that the front two have to track back etc, then so be it, I think today…we didn’t adjust our game and we paid with that with 2 goals against us!!

What I would say is, that it shouldn’t take somebody else to tell you to “dig in” we should all be aware of the need! ALSO what I would say is I absolutely loved our reaction to the fact the opposition scored; we went straight up the other end and scored, albeit it was disallowed…I could comment on the offside call, but really, it was given, it was a wrong call and so, so be it!

Our character was brilliant, how very dare they score against us… we are Hackney and if you want to score against us, you better bloomin want to beat us because we will not lie down…

Amo’s first goal…pin point, anyone want to learn from the fact you don’t need to break the back of the net to score sometimes its about placing…Amo’s second goal, a little bit of Italian Magic I believe set this up, and heads up and pick that out of the back of the net!

We now have a break until the New Year…

So Ladies, enjoy Friday if you are going, I wish you an amazing Christmas and New Year! Remember Family are always there, your friends you get to choose…I hope Santa brings you everything you want! Live for the future, the past has been, the present is now but the future, the future is yours for the taking and just blooming enjoy the freedom of it!


Living the dream…always!

P.S. C’mpn the league is there for the taking…let’s just take it, its ours if we really really want it!


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