Hackney WFC First 0 – Northwood 4

Captain’s Log – 24th February 2013

Crikey it’s been a while since I’ve sent one of these!

So today was a very good day for many reasons, here are some of them.

1 Tasha and Welshie popped their goal cherries
2 Dodge learnt that a penalty does not = a back pass to the goal keeper if she wants to keep her team mates happy
3 We won 4-0, another clean sheet!

Now what really pleased me is this, the adaptability of the team, we changed personnel on 3 occasions and yet we maintained our shape and continued to play damn fine football!

We worked hard for each other, and continued to encourage each other and play really good football, I think that this was one of our best footballing displays for the whole team! Team spirit today was back and it really showed!

Heidi, really good performance in the back 3 alongside Welshie and Helen (and Tash for a bit)… you guys looked like nobody was going to pass!

Cynth…I am going to buy you thermal socks another clean sheet Cynth this is all we ever ask!!!!

Dodge, another goal, that’s what’s expected from a Centre Forward, so saaahhhweeeet and keep knocking those bad boys in!

Tash, mmmm what shall I say, 3 different positions in one game, not bad going, clearly the first position didn’t agree with you today, but being moved to up front and scoring 2 goals… have you made a point and a play for playing up front every game

Ren, could you please man up and get fixed ASAP!

I could go on and on about individuals, but frankly I’m bored of praising you all…

Seriously a great team performance today, I think Northwood genuinely thought they were going to beat us today, little did they know we had other plans.

So ladies, enjoy your aches and pains, today was a good win, and they are always the best!



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