Hackney WFC First 1 – Clapham United 1

Captain’s Log – 10th March 2013

So today was a tough game! Again players playing in perhaps new or not their favourite position but still all contributing to our performance!

The pitch, was not, by far the best pitch we have played on this season and I do believe this had an effect on our passing game, however as I said after the game the “hot potato” had the cheek to show its head again, I’m not quite sure why we felt it necessary to ping it around and in the air! But hey ho, as you all would have seen today even teams like Tottenham have an off day!

We did keep working until the end and this is always a good sign of a strong team.

I think Sharon performed really well today, Welshie, again, reliable as always! Now this next bit I have had to pinch myself a couple of times before I type it…Dodge I lost count of the number of winning headers you made… well done you!! Tash again notches a goal; all these things are positives!

I think we have 5 games left…let’s make sure we finish in style, let’s not forget we got promoted this year to this league and our performance thus far has proved we are worthy of the promotion, 5 more games ladies then you can have the summer off! We can do this, if we really believe, we will push Tottenham hard at the top and who knows what will happen!

I’m off for a cup of tea and another laze on my sofa! Hope the aches and pains are too bad for you all tomorrow!

living the dream…always!


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