Hackney Women’s FC 0 – Clapham United WFC 1

Women of the Man - Sunday 1st September
Women of the Man – Sunday 1st September
Hackney WFC vs Clapham Utd
Other contenders for WotM were: Athena (1), Ceri (1), Tash (1) and Nat (1)

Captains Log – Sunday 1st September 2013

In Dodge’s and Heidi’s wisdom Hackney faced Clapham united on Sunday, the day after THE Hackney Quiz. Some players had not had the recommended eight hours sleep (or even four hours sleep) and others looked fragile. Unfortunately in the first ten minutes of the game a lack of concentration and a long summer meant Hackney conceded. However for the rest of the game Hackney dominated and was unlucky to get an equaliser. Our closest opportunity was a corner from Dodge which Welshy headed narrowly wide of the post.

Hackney had the pleasure of welcoming some new(er) and old(er) players this week with strong performances from Becs and Ceri on the right side, and Nat and Viv making an impact in the middle of the pitch and up front. Alice and Fiona controlled the left hand side of the pitch with very little getting through them. A reluctant Heidi Holmes stepped into centre back and bossed the back line alongside Welshy (first half) and Tash (second half). Purple Ren created some good link up play with the wings and forwards, and Hackney was very unlucky not to get more from this game. Well done to our goalkeepers Jackie P and Athena who put in particularly strong performances with lightening reactions to some difficult balls. It was a collectively strong performance from all.

The game was such a joy that the referee donated £15 of his match fees back to the club, saying that the game had been an absolute pleasure! A real testament to our sportsmanship and attitude.



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