Hackney Laces 3 – Hackney Women’s FC Reserves 2

Women of the Man – Jenny Ward (left) Manager's player - Livia Pereira (right) Sunday 15th September Hackney Laces vs Hackney WFC Reserves
Women of the Match – Jenny Ward (left)
Manager’s player – Livia Pereira (right)
Sunday 15th September
Hackney Laces vs Hackney WFC Reserves

Manager’s log – Sunday 15th September

What a difference a week makes…

Last weekend saw the reserves play away but at home to newcomers, Hackney Laces…and boy! I couldn’t be more pleased with how we played. The rabbits in headlights were gone and replaced by players up for the fight. Carrying on from the defensive coaching at training and a short walk through before the game. Our shape throughout the game was so much better thus giving us more chances to make tackles, challenges and pressurise for possession of the ball, this showed in the score line. Yes we were down 0 – 2 at half time but without the open mind and willingness to action a new way of playing, the reserves would have been repeating last week’s half time score. Progress was on the horizon!

We are 2 teams 1 club and with the support of 3 first team players who added some more calm, bite and experience. We built on our first half performance by cranking up the pressure on the opponents with goals, the first coming from Laura, who also had 2 cracking efforts and the second from Helen. Full time ended with the Laces winning the game 3 – 2, however the whole team played amazingly and I think it’s the sign of big things to come.

So well done girls!!!



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