Luton Town Hatters 0 – Hackney Women’s FC Firsts 3

Captain’s log – Sunday 15th September

Girls as I said at the end of the game this week, “Bottle that feeling and take it to next week’s game.” The firsts were absolutely buzzing after an action packed and goal-filled game. Although Hackney had a somewhat slow start to the game this week they really picked it up to score 3 in the second half. The first came from Kate Meehan around 10 minutes into the second half and this really set the tone for the rest of the game.  Hackney lifted their heads and started hunting for the second goal, which came shortly after. Kate from about 35 yards out saw the keeper off her line and lobbed her. A ridiculous goal which left most of the field gobsmacked! Our final goal came from Caitlin getting through on goal, narrowly missing and Nieves following in to finish it. It just goes to show how important it is to follow up every ball.

This was a huge team effort this week. Nieves and Ceri gave us great speed on the wing. Ren held up the centre of the pitch well. Welshy, Heidi and Tash made some crucial recovery tackles with Bex, Viv and Lou pushing forward from the full back position. Dodge made some great link up play going forward with Helen and Kate. Caitlin set up our third goal and Tash. Finally Athena in goal had a blinder, full of confidence and commanding her backline she saved some difficult shots. A huge team effort and no doubt a sign of things to come!

Woman of the Match was Kate (6)
Other contenders for WotM were: Becs (4) Athena (3)



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