Hackney WFC Firsts 3 Northwood Ladies FC 3

Hackney WFC Firsts vs Northwood Ladies FC

Captain’s log – Sunday 22nd September

Within 10 minutes Hackney was 0-2 down to Northwood and things looked particularly bleak. Kate had already gone off injured and the team did not adjust to changes to the formation quickly enough. Not only were we punished for this but some of us were punished for the lack of sleep we had the previous night! However, Becs rallied the troops and with a great attitude showed us that if we upped our game we could win it. We were now sufficiently buoyant and looking for goals. Our first was from Helen’s corner onto Dodge’s head, back of the net. The second, beautifully set up by Helen and Dodge – came from Nieves, after a comical first try which resulted in her boot kicking the floor, her second attempt did not fail levelling the game at 2-2. Just before half time Ren had a goal disallowed for a dubious off-side call. However, with the score line level, we looked positive.

Unfortunately early into the second half Northwood managed to pull away again and scored their third. Helen had a goal disallowed from a corner, after two disallowed goals it did not look like things were going our way. However with 5 minutes to go Ren managed to run onto a free kick and buried it, the score line was now at 3-3. A shaky start but a strong finish from HWFC proved that we are capable of turning a game around.

Big kudos to Becs this week (player of the match) her fighting attitude gave us the wake-up call we needed.


Hackney WFC Firsts vs Northwood Ladies FC


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