Brentford WFC 7 Hackney WFC Firsts 0

Captain’s log – Sunday 20th October

The most enjoyable defeat I’ve ever played in” Heidi Holmes (2013)

Whilst we might have conceded 7 goals against an admittedly stronger side Hackney played with Pride (since 1986) and heart yesterday. Jo would have been proud to have seen the defensive shape of the team and even the opposition remarked at how difficult it was to break us. Our opposition have won every game this season with a phenomenally high goal difference and so to keep them to 7-0 in that context was actually quite an achievement.

There were some fantastic individual performances yesterday. Tash received woman of the match with some crucial defensive recoveries. Alice remained calm and composed on the ball going forward and linked up with Ems to give us width and options on the right. Heidi Holmes kept a beautiful back line in order too!

The centre mid battled hard with Kat making crucial tackles, Jen delivering some jaw-dropping balls and Ren being the powerhouse. Precious talked and encouraged everyone throughout the game and Liz and Caitlin gave stirling performances, holding the ball up. Sharon was selfless as always and stepped in goal for us again!

However, the individual performances pailed into insignificance against the team performance. Hackney supported each other completely on Sunday’s game. We compensated for each other’s mistakes, filled in for one another and constantly thought about where best to support our team mates. A bad loss but a great lesson for the team to take into our future games.

Well done all!



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