Hackney WFC Firsts 2 Brentford 0

Kate Meehan Sunday 3rd November Hackney WFC Firsts vs Brentford WFC
Kate Meehan
Sunday 3rd November
Hackney WFC Firsts vs Brentford WFC

Managers log – Sunday 3rd November

How we love the beautiful game! That was very much the feeling at the Hackney Marshes on Sunday, following an unbelievable result against Division 1 leaders Brentford. Just two weeks ago, we’d suffered a 7-0 defeat away to the same opponents, who arrived for the return fixture unbeaten all season. Having taken heart from a strong previous performance, we had high hopes – but honestly weren’t expecting what ensued…

Hackney started the game brightly (“straight in!”), following the sound advice of the manager and touchline supporters, to move the ball well and close down the opposition quickly. The whole team worked really hard and were rewarded with a goal – a fantastic break down the wing, with Presh in just the right place to bundle the ball into the net. Having looked the more likely to score again, we then got off the best second half imaginable, with a second goal within moments. Ceri’s running again came into its own, and as she slotted the ball into the far corner of the net, the whole team went wild!

Our attitude had to be “still 0-0”, however – for the rest of the match was a real battle, with two penalties given against us and a real onslaught from Brentford towards the end. Special mentions must go to Athena for her fantastic saves, and to Debs and Tash for some really brave defensive efforts, putting heads, ankles, and everything else on the line to get us through. Keeping our concentration, talking, and most importantly, our shape, we managed to keep the score 2-0 – an absolutely phenomenal result! The atmosphere coming off the pitch showed what Hackney is all about – and great to see both teams enjoying a well-earned pint together afterwards.

Woman of the match was Kate (above), for leading from the midfield and never going quiet (to replicate her match-winning captain’s performance, see here.



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