KIKK Talang 6 Hackney WFC Reserves 0

Managers log – Sunday 10th November

This week it was all about quality – as we didn’t have the quantity just eleven determined players. Having lost to KIKK 14 – 0 last time it was also about improvement and we did that too. From defence up to attack as the song goes. Livi played a blinder in goal making some spectacular and very brave saves and was a very close second for player of the match. In the back line Ems and I out wide did waht we had to do, Ayesha called the line with great results (we have never had so many off-sides) and Viv was a brick wall on legs and very rightly our player of the match. Mid field worked very hard, Arancha carried on dispite not feeling well, Lou Wade battled like a tiger and there was the much anticated and very welcome return of Sock who brought calm and composure to the centre of the pitch. Caz on the right made some great runs and got some good crosses in. Up front was Ari and a special guest appearance from Wendy Lewis bothering the defence.

And so we lost, but only 6 – 0 this time and we were very unlucky not to have scored. Socks hit the wood work early in the first half and also had a rather tasty free kick cleared off the line. Ari put a shot just wide near the end. Every week we get better, we ask a lot of the players and they give it to us.

Well done everyone!



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