Hackney WFC Reserves 0 KIKK Talang 3

Managers log – Sunday 8th December

Hackney WFC Quiz Night 2013

I have never been so happy to lose 0-3. There are two things you need to bear in mind here, firstly this is the team that beat us 14-0 the first time we played them and secondly we only had 9 player, 8 in the second half. But what players we had. Caitlin was Amazing in goal (please note the capital ‘A’) making save after save after double save. The back line was an iron wall of Nadina, Naina, Sue and Robyn. We kept our shape and held our nerves. The midfield were a compact, dynamic trio of Caz, Ems (who quite rightly received player of the match. Pictured above) and Arancha. And up front all by herself was Ayden who battled bravely.

The game actually was abandoned at 60 minutes after Caz suffered a head injury, Arancha pulled a muscle and my archilles gave out but what a match! Even Aflie was happy, so happy infact that she gave each of us a kiss on the forehead (just don’t tell anyone).

So, ok. We might have to play it again but it just shows what a lot of heart, gritty determination and team spirit can do. We did ourselves (and I’d like to think the whole club) proud.



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