Old Actonians Reserves 2 Hackney WFC Reserves 0

Manager log – Sunday 12th January 2014

So, first game of the season. We had all eaten too much and done too little exercise (or was that just me), the pitch was a bog and it was cold. But on the plus side we had 11 players and a plan. Well we started with 11 and then there were 10 and for a while 9 but we still had a plan and the plan was to play attacking football, which is just what we did.

Viv up front caused all sort of problems for the opposition’s defence and was unlucky not to score, Nadina (before she went off with a twisted knee) played solidly. The midfield were magnificent, Em and Hannah in the middle distributing the ball, Laurance and Ari running their socks off on the wings. The back line have proved week in, week out that we know how to defend. Kay played the best game of her life putting in some goal-saving tackles, Naina was her usual solid self. I even won a few votes for player of the match but Sharon was the deserved winner, throwing herself into the fray (and the mud) with abandon. And Caitlan was a safe, calm pair of hands in goal. (Yes, who would have thought!)

And I know we lost but we left the pitch feeling like we had won. (Alfie even kissed us all, she was so happy). This season has been all about getting better and one day we will win a match but on Sunday we proved that with the right mix of old and new players and with the right plan (Alfie’s plan of course) we can play good passing, attacking football.  Long may it continue.


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