Women died for this right…



Today is ‘Bite The Ballot’ day – in other words, national voter registration day, with under 100 days until the election on May 7th.

Many of you might not think you care about politics. But simply by being part of any club, I bet every single member of your club is passionate about something political – be it women’s equality, participation in sport, LGBT rights or many more things besides.

What you may not know is that changes to the electoral roll mean many people have to re-register to vote – especially if you’ve moved or were registered to your parents’ home before. You can check and do it online here: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. It takes literally 3 minutes, all you need is your name, address and national insurance number.

The important thing is this: if you aren’t registered by 20th April, you won’t have the right to vote. Whilst I don’t want to get melodramatic about it (but I’m going to, so here goes!), women died for that right. So please go online, right now, and just do it.

The 2015 election looks like the closest contest for a generation – it is genuinely too close to call. In deciding the outcome, you have a voice. It matters.


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