We went, We played and We conquered – Clacton 2015

Clacton 2015_27

It’s taken me nearly a whole week to recover and write this post. Last weekend we saw 40 strong hackettes (veterns and newbies) pligrim to part-take in the annual Clacton 7s tournament. This year theme was ‘diversity’, so we chose to stand out – with bright neon rainbow tie dye t-shirts. Over many years the colours of the rainbow have been used to symbolise peace and today is widely used to symbolise the diversity within lgbt community. So as the rainbow nation we are, we wanted to go out and celebrate how proud we are to be who we are as individuals and I must say we looked mighty fine, don’t you think? 🙂

What a great weekend it was and I for one would like to say a BIG thank everyone who attended Clacton, making it one to rememeber. I would like to congratulate Sarah Price’s team, Hackney Veteran B, who were crowned winners of the league, after 2 rounds of penalties shoot out against Claudia Celadon’s team, Hackney Veteran A in the final. You’re all winners and should feel proud for giving everything you had and despite the other Hackney teams missing out on silverware, everyone played amazingly so big well done to all of you! Not forgetting to mention a BIG thank you for helping us raise £145 for Clacton chosen charity this year – Save The Children.

Click here to check out the rest of the photo from the whole weekend.


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