Start of season – registration and subs


So we’re just one week away from the first game of the season, which kicks off next Sunday 28th August! Ahead of that, some important info about player registration and subs.

First up, registration…
If you want to play on Sundays, you will need to register with our Club Secretary, Heidi. If you’re new to Hackney WFC that means getting a few bits and bobs together:
1. name, date of birth, address
2. proof of ID (a photo of your passport or driving licence)
3. ID card image (a passport-photo style selfie)
4. transfer clearance, if necessary (details of any other FA-affiliated club you’ve played for in the last 2 years)

Next up, subs…
Any new players can try out two sessions for free before making any commitment.

After that there’s a new subs structure in place this season, which has been given very careful consideration from the Club Committee. How much you pay will depend on your individual earnings and employment – as set out below.

Hackney WFC prides itself on inclusivity and no one should be prevented from playing because of financial concerns. If you’re unsure, please talk to us in person or contact us confidentially – anyone can agree a payment plan, confidentially, with our Treasurer Nat.

All money is payable in cash or to HWFC, 20-72-89, 90687529.

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2 thoughts on “Start of season – registration and subs

  1. Jessica Scolieri 09/09/2016 — 15:31

    Hi There, I’m new to london just moved last week from Australia. Looking to sign up for a new team. I played back home and was wondering if there are any positions or spots available?

  2. Ebba Karlsson 28/11/2016 — 19:30

    Comment: Hi! I’m ebba, 22 year old girl from Sweden who would like I start playing football again.

    I played footbotball my whole life and I didn’t play the last couple of 2 years but I miss it so much and I really want to get back into it again. I normally play on the wing but can adjust to any position really.

    Where and when do you practice? Looking forward hearing from you, all the best – Ebba

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